Melissa Krestensen

CEO/Culture Leader


Melissa is a proud mum of 2 beautiful kids. She enjoys playing soccer, good food, personal development, spending time with friends & family and loves a good laugh.

Melissa joined Icprint in September 2006 when Luke and Melissa moved to the Gold Coast for 3 months. Melissa’s passion is creating a happy workplace culture for Icprint and helping clients with their vision & branding.

Melissa has always been a dreamer. She always dreamed of a better life, a better way to do things and a fun way to do things. What is life without fun? Without enjoying every day? Melissa is also very passionate and determined. She is outcome driven and enjoys strategising business solutions.

Melissa is highly motivated to personal growth and is keen to learn. She loves to read and surround herself with like minded business owners. She also shares a passion with Luke for ‘helping business owners’.

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