What does your branding say about you? Your brand is your DNA, it’s what makes you unique…

Are Your Clients

Craving For More?


Hello everyone!

So if you’re here let’s assume you have some doubt in your mind that your branding could benefit from a little TLC.

You might have a logo and that’s OK, any designer can knock one up BUT there are a few more elements involved to building a brand that attracts the right clients and has them craving for more!!


The Top 5 Symptoms Of Poor Branding:

1. No Clear Vision for the future resulting in ‘bad workplace culture’
Are you often stressed and at times do you feel sick in the gut? Is your team uninspired & perhaps not performing as much as you’d like?

2. Confused Messaging
No clear messaging & no brand story leaving your prospective clients dazed and confused resulting in them taking no action.

3. Poor Design that doesn’t reflect your business
Cheap design that hasn’t been put together strategically will heavily impact on the way your customers view your business & whether they should buy from you or not. Would you wear a hessian bag? Do you want your business to wear a hessian bag?

4. No loyalty OR ‘buy-in’ from clients
Do you attract needy clients who don’t value your service or your time? Are your clients loyal? Does your brand intrigue them enough to keep coming back for more?

5. No ‘Top Of Mind’ Awareness
Are you everywhere giving the same message over and over so that when people are in need of your services, YOU are who THEY think of first?   Businesses who invest in their brands have been proven to create raving fans that will spread the good word for you and keep coming back. Iconic brands trigger an emotional response leaving them feeling a sense of belonging to the brand. A great case study is Apple and their ‘Apple Fanboys’.. Apples ‘fanboys’ believe in almost anything apple says, they possess 3 or more Apple products and will promote Apples products to anyone. Sounds pretty darn awesome right?!

So who are we and what credibility does our team have?

We have over 25 years combined experience. We are passionate about the evolution of brands and creating brands that truly resemble the business itself. We have worked with hundreds of businesses in various industries and are a ‘Preferred Partner’ with numerous National Household Names – Ray White, Beds Online and Lollipops, just to name a few.

Here’s what our clients say…


I was blown away with what ICPRINT had put together, hit it out of the park on the First Go!

– Albert Hendrickx


Do you feel your branding is holding you back?

Do you want to connect with your audience at a higher level and create authentic relationships?


What You’ll Take Away from our FREE Brand Strategy Session:

  • Structure to create a clear vision
    It’s important to know where you’re going so you can lead a team. An inspired team will follow you where ever you take them.
  • Clarity around your message to the marketplace
    When someone asks what do you do? Can you answer in 20 seconds or less and create intrigue at the same time?
  • A deeper understanding of Your Brand and the issues you’re facing
    You’ll connect with your brand on a deeper level making it easier for you to communicate to your audience. You’ll begin to understand how to talk your clients language.


To serve our clients at the highest level we only have capacity to take on 4 branding clients each month.

Are YOU truly COMMITTED to transforming you brand and business?