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Hey Guys its Luke here from ICPrint, with another little hint that helped us almost double our business in the last 6 months.

What we have done is put together some guarantees, we were looking at what some of our competitors where doing. Best price guarantees, the print industry is very price sensitive. We have a guarantee around that, a guarantee around quality, and a guarantee around the biggest range so they are some of the key guarantees and guarantees can help you stand out in the market place, different guarantees depending on what you do, guaranteed to, if you are a criminal lawyer, no win no fee type.

Obviously most real estate agents are commission based they don’t get paid unless they get the results so that’s kind of like a guarantee. There was a really cool one the McDonald’s did recently when they started getting slower turnaround time with their burgers to order through the drive thru.

They actually came out with a guarantee that you would receive your meal within 2 minutes they did say however or it is free, they didn’t go that far. They just said that you would get it in 2 minutes or you get a free big Mac. When you are doing a guarantee, don’t feel like if you don’t meet the guarantee you promised to meet that you have to give it away for free completely or if you are going to do a best price like Bunning’s beating it by 5%, or office works says 10% you don’t have to beat them at that.

Just say best price guaranteed if not we will match the best price you can find or whatever. Or if we don’t have the best price we will give you $50 off your order. Or something like that. You don’t have to do it for free if you don’t meet the guarantee. So don’t be scared to give a guarantee it can really make a big difference to your business.

So think about what things you can guarantee and start putting them in your marketing and see results. That’s all from me today, have a great week and ill speak to you soon.

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