Funny Friday | Top 5 Worst Corporate Logo Fails

1. Federal University of Santa Catarina’s Institute of Oriental Studies

Brazil’s Federal University of Santa Catarina’s Institute of Oriental Studies was going for a Japanese temple against the Japanese rising sun. As soon as someone saw the uh, roof, in a butt, the logo achieved meme status in 2005 and the school took it down.

2. Kostelecke Uzeniny 

Kostelecké uzeniny is a popular Czech sausage company that has been around since 1917. It’s easy to see why non-Czechs find it so amusing, but it’s been on all the company’s products since the ’20s.



3. Mont-Sat

Mont-Sat is a Polish company whose technicians are more than happy to install a satellite in your home or business and have kept the logo for its entirety.

4. A-Style

In 1991, the Italian clothing company A-Style created a stylised ‘A’ that intentionally looks like two people having sex to create provocative buzz. More than 20 years later, many people still don’t realise the company’s in on the joke.

5. Arlington Pediatric Center

The Arlington Pediatric Center in Virginia is a great organisation for low-income families, but anyone who saw this old logo may have had second thoughts. It made it onto the organisation’s doors and awning before the company decided to pull it.


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