Marketing ROI Calculator

The free marketing return on investment (ROI) calculator to help you measure the success of your marketing activities and set realistic expectations.

Every small business owner wants to see results from their marketing campaigns. Direct mail, email campaigns, social media marketing, sales calls; with so many marketing campaigns spanning dozens of different touch points, it’s tough work tying your efforts to the bottom line.

That’s why the Marketing ROI Calculator lets you freely alter the fields based on your own previous campaign and channel benchmarks or test potential scenarios to guide your expectations on what response and conversion is required to turn investment into return.


The total cost of your marketing activity.

How many people will your marketing activity reach?

How much on average does a customer spend with you per transaction?

Number of responses you expect to gain from your marketing activity. Use past experiences as a guide. If this is your first marketing campaign, keep your expectations open and use the results from your first campaign to better your next.

Number of sales you expect to convert from your responses. Use your existing conversion benchmark as a guide.


Make sure you set clear expectations that are realistic and relevant to your business as a variety of factors such as industry, business size, time of the year, previous marketing activities and much more, can impact your rate and measuring metrics.


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Important Information:

LDN does not guarantee the outcome of any letterbox distribution campaign or any other marketing channel for that matter. The response calculator is not to be taken as a representation of the results which you will achieve or you will be likely to achieve. For any channel a strong response differs depending on your offer, design, timing and audience need. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further letterbox distribution details.

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