Love Your Brand First…

Do You Love Your Branding?

Truly, madly, deeply?

If you want to create a branding strategy people love, you must love your branding first.

Here's 2 Reasons Why:

1. Energy: People pick up on your energy. Have you ever walked into a room and felt that someone just had an argument? It feels tense right? If you don't truly love your branding people will see straight through you. Why should they purchase from you when you don't love your own stuff?

2. Passion: Passion = Success. People that are passionate about what they do are highly likely to succeed. Also passionate people are attracting to be around. I know I'd rather work with a happy, passionate person than someone who isn't.

How To Start Loving Your Branding...

Be authentic. Sounds easy right? From my experience in business, people feel that they 'should' be something they're not.
This causes mis-alignment, they attract the wrong clients who are hard to work with because they're not 'their type' and they also attract the wrong staff OR team because they're not sending an authentic message.

They're basically confused, an identity crisis perhaps. Once a business get clears on who they are, their values will surface and their brand will appear.

People enjoy being a part of something, especially when it means being involved with highly passionate and happy people. Start loving your branding today and share the love with the world. Business can be enjoyable and it should be enjoyable. I was listening to an amazing speaker on stage the other week and he said "I like what's on my plate"... Well if it's going to be there I may as well like it! Start loving what's on your plate, enjoy your branding and start sharing it.

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Melissa Krestensen
CEO & Culture Leader, Icprint & Design

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